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Breaking the ice!

Harper Mary Creations

I thought it would be super fitting to start using this blog instead of letting it go to waste. If you have been a long time follower you'd know that I am Amy, the creator behind HMC and that life has been dealing me quite a few low blows of late. Not one to rest on my laurels, I am back at it with a new mind set and a brand new motivation! I will not let the nasty C word get to me anymore. And by C word I mean Cancer, not that other nasty C word! I am here to make some people proud. My mother, my daughter, my partner and even myself.
The Tropical Tribute Range is something so special that I can share with you all from Tuesday (or Sunday for VIP's). Tropical fabric given to me by Harper's Great Nana Rita, skills used that were taught by my mother, and a backing force of people who have been affected by cancer. This is a labour of love and a labour of strength. Many, many tears have been cried in the production of this line and I hope you enjoy seeing these sets on your little ones as I know I will.
When sharing your pictures please use the hashtag #tropicaltribute and #tropicalfridayforacause I will be updating every fortnight on the progress towards my $500.00 fundraising goal through this blog!
Have an amazing week wherever you are <3

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