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May Update

Hello everyone!
So much for trying to get a blog done each week! My weeks have gotten so far behind me it's ridiculous! Since my last release at Easter I have been flat out with life and with sewing and conjuring up new and exciting ideas in my head. Not to mention all the thinking behind round two of my Tropical Tribute Collection!
So if you have been following on Instagram you may have seen that the Harper Mary team will be expanding by 1 in October - yep, we are going round 2 on the whole baby thing! Very exciting yet also daunting. This put me behind on everything for a few weeks while I battled this baby and morning sickness. When Baby Bean arrives I will be taking a small break from sewing to adjust to the new little human arriving!
Until then there are a few exciting things I am looking forward to! First up is the release of our Autumn Pantsuit Collection - a collection of quite a few one of a kind and two of a kind items that showcase a gorgeous range of fabrics from Nana Rita's stash. I am so nervous and excited for this release happening Sunday night I hope you all like it. I will be taking custom orders for these but they are strictly limited so you will have to be quick.
Coming towards the end of May (possibly the 1st week of June) I will be releasing my first ever range of boys shorts which are a part of the Tropical Tribute Collection (if you aren't sure what that is check out the link in the side bar). There will be two colourways for these shorts in the first drop and they will be limited as always. I know we are coming into winter and you may be thinking shorts aren't that practical, but when you live in North Queensland shorts are a year round kind of thing. Stock up for Spring and Summer and get on board my fundraising cause. I am $115.00 away from my goal of $500.00 by July 1 so it would be awesome if I could make it in time. There will be a release of a sunsuit and some more boys shorts in June/July but I will keep you updated on that.
As always if you want to be the first in the know for any of our HMC releases and fabric options find our VIP page on Facebook! You will see all the raw bits and bobs that come with being a handmaiden and mother!
Amy xx

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